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‘Crackalogues’ a habit for shoppers

By on November 20, 2015 in Catalogues, Research

(By Print21)


Almost four in five shoppers use print catalogues when deciding what to buy, according to new research from Monash University’s Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS).


In the latest quarterly ACRS Shopper Report, print catalogues performed strongly for retailers when tracked in terms of shopping frequency, channel usage, channel purpose and as drivers of shopping behaviour.


The report found that 76% of shoppers use catalogues at least sometimes for making purchasing decisions and looking for information. 41% of shoppers use catalogues for general information and 47% for price comparisons for non-grocery shopping. Catalogue readership continues to strengthen as 15% of shoppers intend to use catalogues more over the next 12 months.


“In a recent episode of Gruen Transfer, Todd Sampson noted that retailers have dubbed catalogues as ‘Crackalogues’ due to their amazing reach, strong brand presence in the home, high quality geo-targeting and remarkable influence,” said Kellie Northwood, CEO of the Australasian Catalogue Association. “Compared to other media channels, the audience reach of catalogues is one of the largest in the country and catalogues perform highly as an activating shopper marketing device, assisting in the path to purchase.


“With over 7 billion catalogues distributed each year via the letterbox, the latest ACRS research highlights the strength of catalogues. The report further highlights the personal nature of catalogues with the majority of shoppers reading them at home in the kitchen, followed closely by reading in front of the television,” Northwood said.


Overall, 89% of shoppers read at least 1 catalogue a week and across most age demographics, while the majority of shoppers read 1 to 3 catalogues per week. 52% of shoppers aged between 18 and 24 read 1 to 3 catalogues weekly. Respondents aged over 45 tend to read more catalogues per week, with 30% of shoppers aged 55 to 64 reading over 10 catalogues a week.


Kellie Northwood, CEO ACA



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