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Tax appeals / end of financial year printing

By on April 1, 2013 in Direct Marketing, Tax Appeals

June 30 is an important date in the business calendar. For many marketers, it’s a deadline date for action required by their customers, members, community or donors. Certainly charities are aware of this date and accordingly coordinate tax appeals. Unfortunately in the direct marketing industry it is not uncommon for tax appeal mailings to arrive in the mailbox the week before June 30. In some cases, some mail arrives after June 30! This renders the purpose of the communication out of date and well…embarrassing. It sounds ridiculous but it does happen.


Imagine if your Christmas cards are posted on the 24th of December and you are hoping they arrive before Christmas. It’s not going to happen. What would customers or donors think of your company or organisation if you only give them a few days to respond to your mailing?  The moral of the story is to plan your tax appeal/end of financial year mailing early and anticipate the lead times required in each process, from concept to design, to print and mailing. It would be wise to not forget all the stakeholders involved in sign offs because they can slow down the process if they are not followed up. It’s also wise to speak to your printer and book the job in advance so that it can be delivered to the mail house on time.


As a final check why not seed your name in the database so you know exactly when the items were lodged? And for peace of mind why not add a buffer in the lead time in case there are unexpected delays? The staff at Erwins Printing have had years of experience in managing campaigns for major charities, government, associations and all kinds of businesses. Contact Erwins to assist in preparing your tax appeal/end of financial year campaign.

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