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Shape up….forme cutting ideas

By on May 2, 2013 in Die Cutting, Finishing, Forme Cutting, Promotional Printing

Designers love quirky marketing pieces and so do customers. Any piece that involves some engagement like unfolding an item or scratching a surface makes the recipient an active participant in your communication.
Have you ever received a cool piece in the mail and showed everyone in the office? That piece has more than done its job.
If more than one person got the message it should be worth twice as much as a regular marketing piece. Yet, most marketers tend to stick to the standard A4 piece or DL brochure which is attractive for keeping printing costs down.
For very little additional investment why not consider forme cutting your marketing piece? Erwins Printing produces millions of promotional items in house. Why not invent your own custom shape? Talk to Erwins Printing to find out more.

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