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Green Printing

Green Printing – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Erwins Printing has taken significant environmental steps and has implemented the 3R Concept for its printing operations – reduce, reuse and recycle.


You can now reduce the environmental impact of your printing and demonstrate your commitment to the environment with our eco-friendly printing services. We offer sustainable printing, without sacrificing quality or value.


✓ PAPER Erwins promotes the use of papers with recycled content or from sustainable plantation timber.


 INKS & PRINTING All inks used at Erwins are vegetable based with no solvents. Erwins uses Bottcher Green VOC free roller and blanket washes. Bottcher is an undisputed choice for environmentally friendly solutions, printing blankets and green pressroom chemistry.


✓ CHEMISTRY FREE PLATE-MAKING All printing plates are produced via chemistry-free CTP (Computer to Plate) technology, bypassing the traditional requirements of outputting plates from film.


✓ RECYCLING & WASTE MANAGEMENT Erwins recycles all aluminium plates, paper waste, toner cartridges, has closed water systems to minimize usage and even uses recycled cloth rags in the printing process. If it’s recyclable, we do it. If it’s already recycled, we use it.


✓ GREEN SUPPLY PARTNERS Erwins’ choice for quality supply partners reflects its serious commitment to the environment. From environmentally friendly inks to degradable plastics used at the mail house, Erwins is able to ensure all facets of your printing project are green.


✓ GREEN SUSTAINABLE FUTURE We have installed low energy factory lights to replace fluoros to conserve the energy we use on site. We are having  solar panels that will produce 40KW’s of power installed to reduce our carbon footprint. These initiatives and others are part of our continual commitment to sustainable printing.